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Our Top Green Cleaning Products Favored By The Simply Yoga Team

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

You’ve all heard about how harmful our household cleaning products can be, eeek, but testing out the plethora of natural-based products can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and costly. We took the work out of it for you by creating our top 5 natural cleaning products, let’s get your house squeaky clean without the risk!


This is Stephanie’s go-to for counters, stove tops, and everything in the kitchen. No dyes, bleach sulfates, parabens, or fragrances. AND 100% recycled bottle!

It comes in three lovely scents and bares only a slight vinegar smell.

Please consider buying it locally at NDC in Oshkosh!


With just water, you can have squeaky clean windows with NO streaks!

No need to use any cleaner, really! Teacher, Jess Fagen, uses this on her windows and mirrors and even keeps one in her car for the windshield.

You can get them on amazon but if you have a friend/family member who sells them we encourage you to use your network!


Made from essential oils, this household cleaner will cut through grime without the crime! As a soon-to-be mom, Sara is making sure she is cleaning sans chemicals but still with antibacterial properties. You can buy the concentrate, mix it with water and use it on just about anything! Natural and the concentrate lasts a long time... BONUS it smells so good!

This is another product you can get on amazon but if you know someone who sells it or want to sign up yourself we encourage it.


This product is a WIN WIN WIN! Easy, no mess, and super light, plus it saves hundreds of thousands of plastic jugs from ending up in our landfills. Tiffany loves these quick concentrated strips and even has the special baby formula for her little one, too. She highly recommends the "Platinum" as it can cut through stains and odors as well as any other brand on the market. As if these weren't checking all of your boxes already they are also crazy convenient to travel with.

Another amazon product that can be found locally at NDC


There are still so many natural products that are undiscovered and just hitting the market.

What are your favorites?

Do you use natural products in YOUR home?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I want to

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