What is Vinyasa or Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a Vinyasa style of yoga in which one pose is linked to the next by breath. Vinyasa flow is one breath with one movement

What should I bring to an in-studio class?

All you need to begin practicing yoga is your body, your mind, and a bit of curiosity. But, it is helpful to have comfortable clothing and water. Simply Yoga will provide a mat and other props, if needed.Typically yoga is best done barefoot. Please arrive at the studio about 15 minutes before your first class to meet your teacher and check in.This will leave you ample time to ask any questions, prepare for class and relax onto your mat.

I am not flexible. Can I practice yoga?

Yes, you are a perfect candidate for yoga. Come as you are and you will find that practicing yoga will increase your flexibility.

How do I cancel my subscription service?

Simply email or call Stephanie & she will cancel your subscription service. or